We Recycle – Eyeglasses


Everyone who wears eyeglasses has them, drawers with old eyeglasses that you will never use again but just don’t have the heart to throw away.  Through involvement with the Vidalia Lions Club and Lions International, we provide an avenue to recycle those old eyeglasses.  We collect them and distribute them to either missionaries overseas or to the Lion Eye Foundation where they will refurbish them and give them to the needy.   You can drop off your old eyeglasses at either of our offices, at Whitaker Eye Center in Ferriday, or Miss-Lou eye Care in Natchez, MS.  

  Lions recycle program



We Retire Flags, Properly


Do you ever wonder what happens to old American flags once they are torn and tattered?  There actually is a proper way to dispose of them, and we have teamed up with Home with Heroes to help provide that way.  Through this work you can be rest assured that your old flag will be disposed of properly.  Bring your old flag by either of our offices, and we will take care of the rest. 
   Flag zoomed