Band Aid Drive For Batson Children's Hospital

This years drive is from Monday March 14 - Friday April 8th.  

Paige Batson Hospital

Band aids for kids

Vidalia resident and former Batson Children's Hospital patient Paige Staggs Welch and her husband Mark Welch lead a Band-Aid drive each year for Blair E Batson Children's Hospital, where Paige was treated for Burkitt's Lymphoma in 2006.

One of the finest children's hospitals in the country, Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi treats around 80,000 children a year, and Batson is Mississippi's only hospital dedicated entirely to children. Batson also goes through lots and lots of Band-Aids every single day, covering up all sorts of boo-boos, ouches, and finger sticks.

You can help brighten up a hurt child's day by dropping off a box of kid-themed Band-Aids during the drive from Monday March 14 to Friday April 8th . What kid wants a boring brown band-aid anyway?

You can follow them and keep up with the band aid drive on Facebook.

The drop off locations are as follows:



Make sure to keep the band aids FUN and BRIGHT.  

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